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Is your lawn beginning to look like a shaggy teenager?

Raindrops on long grass.

Most of us will not need to mow our lawns at this time of year, but grass still grows in the winter. If your lawn is getting to look more like a shaggy teenager than a military crew cut, in other words, it is beginning to fall over, smother itself, and harbour disease or rot, then you may have to give it a trim.

Set your mower to a high cut, (at least 25% higher than your summer cut), wait for the driest day in the forecast, and definitely a day that doesn’t have frost for the next few days, and give it as light a cut as you can. Collect the cuttings as they will clog the lawn. Your lawn needs every opportunity to dry at this time of year.

After a winter cut your mower will be really wet. Clean it the best you can and let it stand outside to dry before putting it away in a shed or the back of the garage. Damp is not the friend of a mower.

Do let us have your tips in the comments below.

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