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Battery Ride-On mower servicing.

If your machine is not running or is running poorly
it may need to be booked in as a repair before we service it.


Stiga / Mountfield / AT-KO

£245.43 INC
£204.52 ex. VAT


£269.17 INC
£224.31 ex. VAT

semi commercial


Other brands

Our Battery ride-on service includes…
  • Clean and remove all debris from transmission housing

  • Inspect the transmission for external damage, check all transmission

  • Remove wheels, clean shafts grease, and re-fit wheels

  • Check for the correct operation of the transmission brake and linkages that lead to it

  • Check front axle for free play. Adjust if necessary

  • Lubricate front axle centre point

  • Check steering quadrant and lubricate

  • Check all steering nuts and bolts, check steering stops (if fitted)

  • Check for full movement of steering in all directions

  • Check tyre pressures

  • Plug machine into diagnostic tool and run a diagnostic to check for latest firmware updates and any fault codes

  • Check the security of the battery, and connections to the battery

  • Batteries should only be charged on the recommended battery charger

  • Check the wiring harness for damage especially in areas where it passes through chassis holes, or at securing points for chaffing

  • Check all safety switches for wear and security and connections of wiring to them

  • Check for the correct operation of all safety switches

  • Examine for damage to the deck shell

  • Sharpen or cutter blades

  • Check that the blades for damage and are correctly balanced, if sharpening and refitting, check blades are correctly balanced

  • Check cutter shafts and bearings for wear and or damage

Looks good to me.

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