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What are other people saying?

Should you consider the Ambrogio as the new addition to your grass-cutting robot family? – Absolutely.

Rebecca McCusker – through

I’ll be completely honest I run a company — AutoMowIt that installs these robot mowers, but only because of how pleased I’ve been with mine, an L250 Elite S+, I’ve had it two years now and it’s effortlessly maintaining my acre lawn area.

My neighbours got one, my bro in law, for everyone I fit I always end up fitting more because they are brilliant, and the support from Ambrogio UK is excellent.

Tyler Stevenson

Ambrogio Twenty Deluxe

Honda Miimo HRM 40 vs Ambrogio Twenty Deluxe Robot Mower Comparison. Spec & Build Quality Review

Ambrogio QUAD Elite 

Ambrogio QUAD Elite Robotic Slope Mower First Look compared to Husqvarna 435X Alternative.

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