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Terms and Conditions

MAD MOWERS LTD - Machine Repairs and Service Terms of Service


1. Services Offered:

1.1 MAD MOWERS LTD provides professional machine repair and maintenance services for various equipment, including, but not limited to, lawnmowers, garden tools, and related machinery.

2. Authorisation and Assessment:

2.1 Customers authorise MAD MOWERS LTD to assess and perform necessary repairs on the submitted machine.
2.2 An assessment will be conducted to identify issues and determine the scope of necessary repairs.
2.3 Customers will be provided with an estimate of repair costs, and work will commence upon approval.

4. Repair Process:

4.1 Repairs will be executed in accordance with industry standards and the manufacturer's guidelines (where applicable).
4.2 Customers will be informed of any additional repairs required during the process, and approval will be sought before proceeding.

5. Charges and Payments:

5.1 Customers are responsible for all charges associated with the repair and maintenance services.
5.2 Payment is due upon completion of the repair work. 
5.3 MAD MOWERS LTD retains the right to withhold the machine until full payment is received.

5.4 Any machine left for more than one month after the work has been completed will be considered abandoned and disposed of.

6. Liability:

6.1 MAD MOWERS LTD is not liable for pre-existing issues with the machine that were not identified during the initial assessment.
6.2 Customers are responsible for ensuring the machine is in proper condition for repair.
6.3 Any machine that MAD Mowers LTD deems unsafe will need to be repaired by MAD Mowers LTD to make it safe before it is returned to the customer, or it will be immobilised by removing the spark plug wire before being returned to the customer.

6.4 If you propose to sell us goods outright or in exchange for something else, you must absolutely own the items you want to sell us and be able to transfer the title to us.

7. Pickup and Delivery:

7.1 Customers are responsible for both dropping off and picking up their machines from MAD MOWERS LTD's service location.
7.2 Pickup and delivery services are available for an additional fee and are subject to scheduling availability.

8. Contact Information:

8.1 For inquiries or concerns regarding our machine repair and service terms, customers can contact MAD MOWERS LTD at or by phone at 03330064332.

By engaging in our machine repair and service offerings, customers agree to adhere to the terms outlined by MAD MOWERS LTD. These terms are subject to modification or update at the discretion of MAD MOWERS LTD.

MAD MOWERS LTD - Free Mower Blade Sharpening Offer - Terms of Service


1. Eligibility:

   1.1 This offer is valid for new customers of MAD MOWERS LTD.


2. Offer Details:

   2.1 MAD MOWERS LTD is offering a free mower blade sharpening service to eligible new customers.


3. Redemption:

   3.1 The offer is limited to one free mower blade sharpening per customer.


4. Exclusions:

   4.1 This offer does not apply to existing customers of MAD MOWERS LTD.

   4.2 The offer is valid only for residential pedestrian or ride-on rotary lawn mowers and does not apply to commercial or industrial-grade mowers.

  4.3 Collection and return is at the customer's expense or must be paid for at MAD Mowers LTD's standard rate for collection and return.


5. Appointment Scheduling:

   5.1 Customers must schedule an appointment for the free mower blade sharpening service by contacting MAD MOWERS LTD through the provided contact information.

   5.2 MAD MOWERS LTD reserves the right to schedule appointments based on availability.


6. Termination of offer:

   6.1 MAD MOWERS LTD reserves the right to modify or terminate the offer without prior notice.


7. Liability:

   7.1 MAD MOWERS LTD is not responsible for any damages or injuries that may occur during the mower blade sharpening service.

   7.2 Customers are responsible for ensuring that their mowers are in proper working condition before use after the blade is sharpened.

  7.3 Customer mowers are left with MAD Mowers LTD at the customer's own risk. MAD Mowers LTD is not responsible for damage or losses incurred while the customer's machines are left at MD Mowers LTD premises. 


8. Contact Information:

   8.1 For any questions or concerns regarding this offer, customers can contact MAD MOWERS LTD at or by phone at 03330064332.


9. Cash Value:

9.1 If you wish to claim this free blade sharpening and convert this offer into a full mower service, the service charge for a pedestrian mower service will be reduced by £10 and for a ride-on mower by £20.

9.2 The cash value of this offer is £00.0001.


By redeeming this offer, customers agree to abide by these terms of service set forth by MAD MOWERS LTD. MAD MOWERS LTD reserves the right to amend or update these terms at its discretion.

MAD MOWERS LTD - Data Protection Policy


1. Introduction:
   1.1 MAD MOWERS LTD (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") is committed to ensuring the protection and privacy of personal data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018.


2. Data Controller:
   2.1 The Company, MAD MOWERS LTD, is the data controller responsible for the processing of personal data.


3. Purpose of Data Processing:
   3.1 The Company processes personal data for legitimate business purposes, including but not limited to customer service, order fulfilment, marketing communications, and internal record-keeping.


4. Types of Data Collected:
   4.1 The Company may collect and process the following types of personal data:
      - Contact information (name, address, email, phone number)
      - Transaction details
      - Customer preferences and feedback
      - Marketing preferences
      - Details of customer's machines brought into MAD Mowers LTD for service or repair. 


5. Legal Basis for Processing:
   5.1 The Company will only process personal data when there is a lawful basis for doing so, such as the necessity for the performance of a contract, compliance with legal obligations, or the consent of the data subject.


6. Data Security:
   6.1 The Company implements appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data.
   6.2 Access to personal data is restricted to authorized personnel with a legitimate need to access such information.


7. Data Retention:
   7.1 Personal data will be retained only for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected.
   7.2 The Company will regularly review and securely dispose of unnecessary data.


8. Data Subject Rights:
   8.1 Data subjects have the right to request access, rectification, erasure, or restriction of their personal data.
   8.2 The Company will respond to such requests in accordance with applicable data protection laws.


9. Data Breach Notification:
   9.1 In the event of a data breach that poses a risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals, the Company will promptly notify the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and affected data subjects, as required by law.


10. Data Protection Officer (DPO):
   10.1 The Company has appointed a Data Protection Officer responsible for monitoring compliance with data protection laws and addressing data protection queries.


11. Updates to the Policy:
   11.1 This Data Protection Policy will be reviewed regularly and updated as necessary to ensure ongoing compliance with data protection laws.


12. Contact Information:
   12.1 For inquiries or concerns related to data protection, data subjects can contact the Company at or by phone at 03330064332.


13. Governing law:
   13.1 This Data Protection Policy is governed by the laws of the United Kingdom.

This Data Protection Policy is effective as of [Effective Date] and is subject to review and update as necessary.

Non-refundable Deposit Policy

At MAD Mowers, we strive to provide top-notch service for all your garden machinery repair needs. To ensure efficient service and to protect our time we require a non-refundable deposit for booking repairs or services.    
   1.    Deposit Requirement: A non-refundable deposit of half an hour of labour including VAT, for each machine, is required upon bringing in your machine(s).
   2.    Deposit Deduction: The deposit amount will be deducted from the total invoice upon completion of the repair or service. 
   3.    If your machine is unrepairable or uneconomical for repair, the fee is still payable. It may be possible to make a reduction in price for a new replacement item bought from us. 
   4.    Payment Method: Deposits can be paid via cash, credit/debit card, or BACS transfer.
By booking your repair or service with MAD Mowers and paying the non-refundable deposit, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to abide by our deposit fee policy.
Thank you for choosing MAD Mowers for your garden machinery repair needs. We look forward to providing you with excellent service and getting your equipment back in top condition. If you have any questions or require further clarification regarding our deposit fee policy, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Last updated 02/04/2024.

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