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paving stones in lawn.

The last two weeks we have talked about things on or over your lawn that should not be there… there is one more thing that should not be on your lawn at this time of year… You!

If possible stay off your lawn. Though grass is pretty tuff, (and indestructible in the flower bed where you don’t want it), wet, frosty, or snowy lawns can suffer if walked on.

As much a possible, give your lawn a rest at this time of year. If you do have to walk over your lawn frequently, for example, to take kitchen waste to the compost heap, there are some questions you might like to think through. Can you move your compost heap so it can be reached without going over the lawn? If you have to walk over the lawn, could you sink some stepping stones into the lawn so you can still mow over them, but you have a way to you get over the lawn without damaging the grass? Or is a full path the next DIY project for your ‘To-Do’ list?

Do let us have your tips in the comments below.

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