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Chainsaw sharpening and servicing

If your machine is not running or is running poorly
it may need to be booked in as a repair before we service it.

£19.26 INC
£22.75 INC
£16.05 ex. VAT
£18.96 ex. VAT

Bars under 16″ (41cm)

Bar over 16” (41cm)

£79.22 INC
£85.43 INC
£66.02 ex. VAT
£71.19 ex. VAT

Bars under 16″ (41cm)

Bar over 16” (41cm)

The chainsaw service is one of the more complicated services we do. Chainsaws are very powerful and dangerous machines. They need their safety features regularly checked. Our chainsaw service includes…

  • Fit a new spark plug.

  • Clean the cooling fins on the cylinder.

  • Fit a new air filter.

  • Fit a new fuel filter.

  • Check chain drive sprocket for wear. Replace if necessary.

  • Lubricate the clutch drum bearing.

  • Check chain condition, sharpen or replace. 

  • Check the brake band on the chain brake for wear.

  • Clean the chain brake and check its function

  • File off burrs on the sides of bar.

  • Check bar blains are parallel.

  • Clean the bar and sprocket tip.

  • heck the lubrication hole in bar. 

  • Check function of oiler.

  • Check chain catcher is undamaged, replace if necessary.

  • Check the throttle trigger operation.

  • Check throttle trigger lockout.

  • Test the stop switch to be sure it shuts off the engine.

  • Check the starter and starter cord for wear or damage. 

  • Check for any loose nuts and screws.

  • Check engine running speed and tune carburettor.

  • Check that the Anti-Vibration elements are not soft or torn.

Looks good to me.

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