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Ventrac Testimonies

What are people saying about Ventrac?

Below are a few of the amazing video testimonies about people who are using Ventac to help them be more productive, profitable or to keep their staff safer.


Estate Manager – Carden Park.

Peter Pattenden has been buying equipment for over 26 years and shares that his Ventrac is one of the best pieces of equipment he has purchased. He manages just under 1,000 acres of land.

Course Manager – Beaconsfield Golf Club.

Stuart Langhornis “the main reason for purchasing his Ventrac is the ability to maintain and improve the golf course property 12-months a year.

Jamie Hobson – Stocksbridge Golf Club.

Even with some of the best steep slopes and undulating banks and bunkers the golf course maintenance team tells of needing to reduce his labourer’s hours because of the Ventrac’s efficiency and a need for less trimming work.

Cameron McMillan – DJuke Limited, Sports Turf Contractor.

He knows from using the Ventrac that it’s easy to operate; the steering is light and precise and allows the operator to be inch-perfect.

Bryn Preece Head Greenkeeper – Wrotham Heath Golf Club

Wrotham greenkeepers rely solely on the Ventrac and Tough Cut mowing deck to tackle the slopes and banks of the course land. They value their Ventrac for its ability to operate anywhere around the golf course.

Neil Ivamy Course Manager – Trevose Golf Club

Neil says the grounds crew uses the Ventrac Contour Mower to cut the championship course’s semi-rough areas. Its unique three decks float independently and follow the terrain’s contour and ensure the best possible quality of cut while minimizing the scalping of the surface.


Graham Owen Park’s Operations Manager – Southend-on-Sea Borough Council.

Graham has discovered that the specially designed Ventrac 4500 with finish deck is just the machine to maintain the town like the Southend Cliff Gardens and Leigh Cliffs are very steep, undulating seaside bluffs that offer spectacular sea views.

Scott Haspell – Ground Maintenance Manager.

This grounds maintenance company utilizes five Ventrac 4500’s in the most efficient way possible to mow and maintain hundreds of water reservoirs in the Northwest U.K. That kind of speaks for itself.

Football Clubs

Darren Baldwin is the Head of Playing Surfaces and Estates – Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

The team of workers here tackle the vast landscape areas of the property, which include synthetic pitches, roadways, sidewalks, steep slopes, and even a pond and helipad.


Kate Edwards
a 40 Acre UK Property.

Due to a lack of reliable labourers, Kate had to find a machine that would allow her to mow, groom, and maintain the rolling rural countryside property.

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