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The SP53 Elite features in the NEW Mountfield Classic Lawn mowing Collection. This model is what we call a "high wheeler", as it features rugged 280mm diameter rear wheels, which give the lawnmower a very purposeful look, as well as ensuring a smoother finish, even on more uneven terrain. With a metallic silver, steel cutter deck this mower really looks the part. It is also fitted with a front anti-scalp plate, which ensures a great finish, even at the lowest cutting heights. Packed with some exceptional features the SP53 Elite is powered by the Honda GCVx170 167cc engine, that is easy to start thanks to the Autochoke system. Easily operated by a single lever, the 51cm/20" deck has a choice of 5 cutting height positions ranging from 27 to 90mm and is ideal for medium to large sized lawns. Clippings can be collected in the large 60 litre collector, or you can choose an excellent recycled (mulched) finish. A mulching plug is supplied as standard and simply clips into the back of the mower to produce a fine finish without collecting the cuttings. Mulching grass is a great feature, it saves so much time and can make mowing the lawn more than 30% quicker, there is no need to keep emptying clippings. You may well ask “Will I see the mulched grass?” and the answer is “No!”, mulched clippings are blown down into the turf and are not noticeable, provided the grass is cut regularly, and not on the lowest setting. Some owners prefer to collect grass cuttings on areas close to the house, to be certain that children or pets don’t carry them inside, then use the mulching facility on all the other areas. To mulch just remove the collector, insert the mulching plug into the discharge chute and replace the collector. To return to collection simply reverse the procedure, simply insert the mulching plug and drive in mulching mode. The engine is very easy to start, with a standard recoil rope system and the handles can be easily folded for convenient storage. This mower is self propelled, so it is effortless to use; simply pull the drive lever and away you go, release the lever, and the mower comes to a stop.


VAT Included
Available in 2 - 3 days
  • Type 4 Wheel
    Propulsion Self Propelled
    Cutting Width (cm) 51
    Deck Steel
    Power Value (W, hp or V) 3.3kW
    Engine/Motor Honda GCVx170 167cc
    Starting Method Recoil
    No of Heights of Cut 5
    Lowest Height of Cut (mm) 25
    Highest Height of Cut (mm) 90
    Height of Cut Adjustment Single point
    Grass Bag Capacity (ltr) 60
    Weight (kg) 35
    Max Domestic Warranty (yrs) 2
  •  Shipping is collection only from DT20NG and can take up to 2 to 3 days.

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