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What did one mower blade say to the other mower blade?

Almost as old as the knock-knock joke must be the “what did the… say” joke. But this is not really a laughing matter. By the way, the answer to the riddle above, “What did one mower blade say to the other mower blade?” is…

“I’m worn out!”

Normally a mower blade suffers wear and tear to the front edge of its blade. Cutting through tuff grass, hitting stones and trigs and the odd children’s toy etc. But we often find the back of the blades is worn very thin or even worn away completely.

If you just keep going with your mower cutting grass, maybe not very well anymore as your blades are blunt, but hay it’s not a great lawn, so who cares? You may just be wearing your blades paper thin.

Gritty soil in a hand.
Gritty soil.

We think it is often gritty particles of coil that are being lifted by the high lift blades that mower mowers use.

Gritty soil is great for lawn drainage, but hard work on your mower’s blade.

But with your mower blade’s tip travelling at up to 19,000 feet per minute, approximately 216 MPH (miles per hour), you do not want any sharp shards of mower blade shaping off and flying out from under your mower’s deck.

An annual service is not just about keeping your mower running and cutting in tip-top condition but also working safely.

As part of the annual service we give your small garden machines we check them for safe operation too.

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