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Your lawn needs light and air.

Snow on grass.

As the snow clears from your lawn keep an eye open for a build-up of rotting leaves, branches, and other winter debris?

Your lawn needs light and air, even in the winter. So, keep it free from anything that could shade the grass. A leaf blower is a great way to remove debris from your lawn without too much effort or damage to the grass. (Don’t forget to collect the leaves after you have blown them off the lawn or you will be doing it again tomorrow). If you don’t have a leaf blower, and your lawn is not too wet, you can set you rotary mower to its highest level and use it to ‘hover’ your lawn.

Alternatively, just think how much exercise a good springbok rake could give you. Who needs a gym when you have a garden?

While you are not using your mower, why not book it up for a service and take advantage of our 10% discount during February 2019.

Do let us have your tips in the comments below.

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