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Your deck is damaged or rusted out.

If you have a rusty deck, you’ve lost most of the support for your engine and blade, and you’re running the risk of the blades breaking and flying off while you’re mowing. If it is just the edge of the deck, this is still serious as it could let stones or other objects that you hit to come out at your feet or towards other people or things around. NEVER use your mower if it has a damaged deck.

Deck support rusted almost off.
Deck support rusted almost off.

If it is a ride-on mower, often the rust happens just where the supporting brackets attach to the deck. This means it is even more important to get your deck repaired.

The mowing deck can be the most expensive part of the mower, so it might mean it’s time to find a new lawnmower.

We can sometimes repair small amounts of damage, especially to the edges of your deck. Bring it to us, and we will let you know how much it will cost.

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