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Ways to reduce environmental pollution from your garden equipment.

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To avoid unnecessary pollution to the environment, you can consider the following maintenance tips:

  • Always perform regular maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer. This will ensure maximum equipment efficiency,

  • Conduct periodic check-ups of your equipment, regularly change the motor oil and replace or clean the air filters. (we will do this for you on an annual service).

  • Ensure your mower has sharp blades that are in good condition so you can cut your lawn at top efficiency. This will reduce the amount of time your engine is running, and it will also save you time and running costs. (we also do this for you on an annual service).

  • Keep the deck of your mower clean underneath; this will increase efficiency and reduce resistance.

  • Check that all of your wheels spin freely. If not, apply some oil or grease. You will not have to push so hard and will mow your lawn more quickly.

  • You may consider using manual tools, such as rakes, brooms, hedge shears and push mowers, as these do not pollute at all and give you a great physical workout. Who needs a gym if you have a garden?

  • Check the type of engine your equipment has. Most lawn mowers are four-stroke, so only need petrol, and are less polluting than two-stroke. If you have two-stroke equipment, make sure that you are using the right ratio of oil to petrol. Using the right mix is not only best for the environment but for the efficiency of your equipment and it will keep your tools running healthy.

  • Consider using Aspen fuel; this is an alkylate petrol and is much less polluting than forecourt fuel. (We sell Aspen at our workshop.)

Do let us have your tips in the comments below.

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