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Someone is getting ready for power-cuts this winter!

At MAD Mowers, we generally work on... well mowers. Ride-on mowers, Self-propelled walk-behind mowers, push petrol mowers and even push-along human-powered cylinder mowers. But we also work on a wide variety of other machines. Hedge trimmers, chainsaws and line trimmers.

But today, it was a Nu-Power generator with a rather well-preserved old Briggs 3.5hp pulse-jet carburettor that would not start.

A generator that will not start is... as much use in a power cut as a chocolate teapot. In fact probably rather less use. you can eat a chocolate teapot, but unless you want to hold the garage doors open, a generator that will not start is not much use.

But after some fresh fuel, a new sparkplug and an air filter, and after we gave the carburettor a good clean in our ultrasonic cleaner, our customer is all set for this winter's blackouts, if they come.

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