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Honda to Stop Manufacture of Walk Behind Lawn Mowers

Honda mower

We have not been able to confirm that this is true for the British market. However, According to an announcement posted to the Honda dealer Interactive Network on the 3rd of

October, Honda will end its American lawn mower production by September 2023. After which, Honda will offer its leftover inventory until the end of 2024 or until stokes run out.

The statement from Honda Power Sports & Products said, "the company plans to discontinue production of lawnmowers at its North Carolina manufacturing facility in September 2023 and move all-terrain vehicle production there from its South Carolina facility. The South Carolina facility will "solely focus on Honda side-by-side production."

"The decision to end lawn mower production is driven by market forces such as stricter environmental regulations, shifting customer preferences, and our focus on growing profitable products in our portfolio," the statement said. "Honda will continue to sell the remainder of its lawn and garden product line and industrial type power products such as GX engines, generators and water pumps, and continue to support its service and parts operations in the US market."

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