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Firewood, Chainsaw wouldn’t!

It is very easy to take your tools for granted. "It ran the last time I used it; I put it away, and now…"

This is a story that we hear time and time again. And now, they need it TODAY!

In this case, it was an air filter that had become blocked. This not only will stop the engine from running correctly but will foul the sparkplug too.

This type of air filter is cleanable. If you use your chainsaw quite often, it might be worth occasionally blowing the air filter out with compressed air or washing it in soapy water. (If you wash it in water, make sure it is completely dry before reinstalling it.)

If you use your chainsaw a lot, the air filter may have become blocked over time during regular use, but often it is due to years without a service. We recommend for the average user an annual service for all your machines.

On an annual service, along with other items, we change both the air filter and spark plug and, if appropriate, the fuel filter too.

This should mean that when you need your machine, it is ready to go.

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