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Test Driving the New Eco Charger Quad Bikes.

Andrew trying out a new Eco Charger Quad Bike.
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Quad bikes have always been a thrilling way to explore the outdoors or a practical way to get around the farm or small-holding.

With the release of the new British designed and built Eco Charger Quad Bikes, we were eager to put them to the test. These new models are designed to have a low environmental impact without sacrificing the power and speed that is expected from a quad bike. We took an Eco Charger Lithium Power Quad Bike for a spin and are excited to share our experience with you.

Eco-Friendly Design

One of the main features that set the Eco Charger Quad Bikes apart from other models is their eco-friendly, zero-emissions design. The bikes are powered by electric motors instead of petrol-powered engines. However, with these quads, that does not mean there is a compromise on power or performance.

This means that they produce zero emissions and low noise levels, meaning that they are an environmentally friendly option for those who care for about the environment or who work in a noise-sensitive area. The electric motor also provides instant torque, allowing the bikes to accelerate quickly and smoothly. Overall, the eco-friendly design of the Eco Charger Quad Bikes is a game-changer for those who want to enjoy the outdoors without leaving a negative impact on the environment.

Power and Performance

Despite their eco-friendly design, the Eco Charger Quad Bikes don't skimp on power and performance. During our test drive, we were impressed by the bikes' speed and handling. The electric motor provides powerful acceleration, allowing the bikes to reach high speeds quickly. Additionally, the bikes have a range of up to 110 kilometres on a single charge, making them perfect for long rides through the countryside. Overall, the Eco Charger Quad Bikes are a great option for those who want to enjoy the power and excitement of a quad bike while still being mindful of their impact on the environment.

The quad we tested had a high degree of regenerative engine braking, meaning there was almost never any need to apply the brakes. However, in some circumstances, this may be undesirable. Fortunately, the Eco Charger quads are customisable. Among other things, you can turn down the amount of engine braking to suit your use. And if you are concerned about some of the people who will be using your quad, you can have the acceleration or top speed turned down.

Comfort and Convenience

In addition to their eco-friendly design and impressive performance, the Eco Charger Quad Bikes are also designed with comfort and convenience in mind. The quads have a comfortable seat and ergonomic handlebars, making them easy to ride for extended periods of time. They can be customised with several accessories, including carrying racks on the back, making it easy to bring any necessary gear for your adventure. Overall, the Eco Charger Quad Bikes are a great option for those who want to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style or who need a workhorse for the business.


After our test drive, we were thoroughly impressed with the new Eco Charger Quad Bikes. Their eco-friendly design, impressive performance, and comfortable design make them a great option for anyone who loves outdoor adventures. If you're in the market for a new quad bike, we highly recommend trying the Eco Charger Quad Bikes. You won't be disappointed!

We are pleased to be able to let you know that we are now offering the Eco Charger range to our customers. Find out more about these quads on our page about them here.

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